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Gulhana was King of Lohara. He was the eldest of the sons of Raḍḍādevī and Jayasimha.

Gulhana made king of Lohara

Rajatarangini[1] tells....The king then anointed Gulhana, the eldest of the sons of Raḍḍādevī, as king of the prosperous kingdom of Lohara. That prince was aged six or seven years, and he surpassed older kings, as a young mango tree surpasses worn out trees. As the queen Raḍḍā went to anoint her son, the feudatory kings bowed to her, and reddened her feet by the rays of the rubies on their heads, as if by red paint. When the prince was anointed, the clouds, as if in compliance with, the wishes of the queen, drenched the earth which had been dried up by a fearful drought. [VIII (ii), p.306]


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