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Harsharan Kaur (हरशरणकौर) was a Maan clan Jat woman who defended Jamrud Fort (Pakistan) in 1837 in the Battle of Jamrud between the Sikh Empire and Durrani Empire.[1]

Hari Singh Nalwa killed at Jamrud

Hari Singh Nalwa, Commander-in-chief of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, was dishonourably murdered on 20 April 1837 in an ambush from behind in the Battle of Jamrud between the Sikh Empire and Durrani Empire. It is believed that two Dogras that were in Maharaja Ranjit Singh's cabinet (secretly in the pay of the British and the Afghans) were behind the attack. An undelivered letter to the Maharajah asking for assistance from Nalwa was later found in the possession of one of these Dogras. Bibi Harshan Kaur then made her much heralded walk of valour from Jamrud to Peshawar carrying news that Jamrud was under attack, but it was too late for Nalwa. He died when 60,000 troops attacked his fort. The sikhs told him that they were about to attack as they thought he had died however he was still alive. He then went on to the balcony and rested his Teer (arrow) in to his ear and died whilst the fight was on. Just seeing Hari Singh was enough to scare the forces away who trampled their own people.


वीरांगना हरशरणकौर - मान गोत्र की जटपुत्री, जिसने 1837 में जमरोद (पाकिस्तान) के किले की अपनी बहादुरी से रक्षा की।[2]

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