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Jalaun District Map

Jalaun or Jalon is a city and a municipal board in Jalaun district in Uttar Pradesh.

The town was formerly the residence of a Maratha governor, but never the headquarters of the district, which are at Orai.

Yamuna, Betwa and Pahuj rivers flow through the district.

The following are the tahsil towns in Jalaun district -

  1. Orai
  2. Kalpi
  3. Madhogarh
  4. Konch
  5. Jalaun

Census data

The total population of the district is approximately 16,70,718 as recorded in the census of 2011.

Jat Gotras

Jalaun area is stated to be a Jat dominant area with Sangar and Tomar as prominent gotras. Gora is a prominent Jat village of Sangar gotra in Jalaun District.

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