Jayapala of Delhi

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Also see Jayapala (Ruler of Lahore]].

Jayapala of Delhi (जयपाल) 1005-Apr-26, Ruled 25Y-10M-10D. - Younger brother of Sulakshanpal Tuar. As a prince and representative of King of Delhi, he fought with Amir Subaktegin of Gazni ( the predecessor of Md. Gazni ) as head of 100,000 horse and 200,000 foot soldiers, accompanied by Chauhans of Ajmere, Chandela's of Kalinjer and Gahadaval's (Rathore's) of Kannouj. Also referred to as Great Jaipal Tuar-the king of Delhi and Lahore. Fought with Raja Rangatdhwaj Gahadavala (Rathore) and lost sovereignty of Kannauj. His weakness due to the wars with Gahadavala ruler's ensured a brutal attack by Md. Gazni and he lost Mathura to Md. Gazni in 1018 and in 1021 AD Lost Kannauj to Md. Gajni and paid tribute to him for not attacking Indraprastha. Also called Vijaypal Tuar in some inscriptions. His daughter married Raja Salivaahan Bhati of Jaisalmer whose progeny was Baland Bhati.

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