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Jondhi (जोंधी) or Jaundhi (जोणधी) is a medium-size village in Jhajjar tehsil & district in Haryana.


The village is located on Jhajjar- Sampla Road.

The founders

Jat gotras



Population of Jondhi according to Census 2001 is 1827, Where male population is 956, While female population is 871.

Notable person from this village

  • Vikas Gehlout - A Young Enterpreneur, with Management credentials from DU , in Farming sector, owns 300 acres of land.
  • Prof. Dr. OP Gahlawat, retired from KUK recently.

External Links


  1. Jat History Dalip Singh Ahlawat/Chapter XI (Page 1025)

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