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Kandela (कंडेला) is a village in Jind district in Haryana.

Jat Gotras

Redhu, Goyat

Kandela Redu Khap

Redhu Jat gotra is main gotra in Kandela, it is the head village. It is the oldest village of this gotra. Due to this reason sometimes Redhu khap is also known as Kandela khap.

Redhu khap is well known in Haryana. Kandela kand was really the main cause which make this khap very famous and the people of this khap proved himself as brave as other jat. There are total 28 kandeal + 9 khera mean 37 total villages.

Other Jat Gotras are Goyat,

Kandela Village

Kandela named Village is in Budaun tahsil and district in UP.

Noble Person

Chaudhary Tekram Singh Kandela,Is The President of Kandela khap.

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