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Khagga (खग्गा) Khag (खाग)[1][2] [3][4] is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.



Rajatarangini[6] tells us that Lava was succeeded by his son Kusheshaya, who was a powerful prince. He bestowed the village of Kuruhara on Brahmanas. His son Khagendra, who succeeded him, was a valorous and patient king. He destroyed many of the Nagas, who were his enemies. He founded the villages of Khagikhuna and Musa.

The Khagga are tribe of Arab origin and are classified under Arabic Shaikh clans. They are mostly found in south-west Punjab, Pakistan.

Khaggas claim to be Qureshi, and are descent from Jalal ud Din, a disciple of the famous Sufi, Mohammed Iraq. Khagga is said to mean a particular kind of fish; and the name was given to Jalal ud Din by his spiritual teacher on the occasion of his rescuing a boat overtaken by a storm.[1] According to traditions, during the period of Sikh rule, if anyone was distressed they could take refuge in the home of any Khagga.

H.A. Rose[7] writes that Khagga (खग्गा), a semi-sacred tribe found in the sonth-west Punjab. Mr. Purser thus described them : "The Khaggas came to the Montgomery district after the conquest of Multan by Ranjit Singh. They claim to be Qureshi, and name as the first Khagga, Jalal-ul-din, disciple of Muhammad Iraq. Khagga is said to mean a peculiar kind of fish ; and the name was given to Jalal-ul-din by his spiritual teacher on the occasion of his rescuing a boat overtaken by a storm." In Multan the Khaggas own land in Multan and Mailsi tahsils and are still regarded with a certain amount of respect. In the troublous days before Sawan Mal if any one was distressed he took refuge with a Khagga, and if a marauder entered a Khagga's house he was miraculously struck blind.

Distribution in Pakistan

Khagga are found through out South Punjab, with concentrations in Mailsi in Vehari District, as well as in Multan, Khanewal and Sahiwal districts. The Sahiwal Khaggas are said to have come from Multan in the 18th century after the invasion of Ranjit Singh.

Important Khagga villages include Bherowal in Khanewal District, Vehniwal Estate [jahanian][khanewal] Noor Shah (Sahiwal). Pakka Majeed (Mian Channu).Focal Village Moza Allam Shah Khagga Near Rive River(Faislabad), Chak Shah Khagga (Pakpatan)Chak Shahana(Khanewal)

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