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Mailsi (Hindi: मैलसी, Urdu: میلسی) is a city and tahsil in Multan District, Punjab, Pakistan.

Jat Gotras

  • Gasura - Gasura are a clan of Jats, who came into the district from Bikaner in Rajasthan, India. Gusura arrived in Vehari (Multan) in 1890. The Gasura live in Basti Gud Gasuran Wali and other villages of Mailsi. The important village of Gussora is 65/KB which is near to Luddan. Its people are educated in that area. previous one and half decade proved Gussora in these professions teaching, enterprise development, chartered accountants, agriculture etc.
  • Dhudi (धूदी), a Jat tribe found in tahsil Mailsi, district Multan, and formerly, in the 13th century, established in the extreme east of it.
  • Khagga are found through out South Punjab, with concentrations in Mailsi in Vehari District, as well as in Multan, Khanewal and Sahiwal districts. The Sahiwal Khaggas are said to have come from Multan in the 18th century after the invasion of Ranjit Singh.


Mailsi is one of the oldest parts of Multan. The region's name derives from the Malloi group which resided in Multan, but moved to the area near the Satluj river when Alexander attacked Multan. Subsequently, the Mallois moved north of the Satluj. The area was settled during the eighth century when Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked Multan. After the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan in 1192 by Shahabuddin Ghori, members of his clan known as Khichi Chauhan migrated to Mailsi, where they acquired land and founded the villages of Shitab Garh, Sargana, Sheer Garh, Haleem Khichi, Aliwah, Tarki, Omar Khichi, Dhoda, and Fadda.

Mailsi Tehsil was created in 1849. In 1881, a series of changes were made with the object of enlarging the Shujabad Tehsil and decreasing the Mailsi charge: sixty villages in the vicinity of Kahror Pakka were transferred from the Mailsi to the Lodhran Tehsil and in 1897, forty-six villages were transferred from Lodhran to Shujabad while 104 villages east of Kahror Pakka were shifted from Mailsi in compensation. Kahror Pakka and Dunya Pur were a part of Mailsi and were annexed to Lodhran in 1924. Mailsi city has many old mohallahas Like Shankar Purah.

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