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Khedi Kalan (खेड़ीकलां) (Kheri Kalan) is a village in tehsil Palwal of Faridabad district in Haryana. It is situated at a distance of 8 km from Faridabad in the east direction beyond Agra canal.


This is an old historical village founded by Anangpal Tanwar descends. The people of this village took part in India’s freedom movement through Azad Hind Fauj. This is a well-developed village.

Kheri Kalan is situated in the east of Faridabad, Haryana. Now this area is Known as NAHARPAR Area, also called Greater Faridabad . This is the largest village of Jats. This is the village commonly known as the village of Jats. Although all the communities like Pandit,Harijan,Balmiki,Dhobi ,Kumahar, Naee & Some Mushilim etc. live here happily.

This Village came into existence after war fought against Aurangzeb around 1669 to carry the doli of a jat girl. That was the first war of jats fought with the help of Jely, Ballam etc. This village was founded by groups of people Mainly of 'Angpal Tanwar Gotras'. But after the war there was organized a panchayat in which 'NARWAT' Title was awarded to the that group of people. Word 'Narwat' means the VEER in hindi language. Later on the Title has been converted in to the Narwat Gotra as the all the people (Mainly Jat) are of Narwat gotra.

There were four mohalla's at that time. They are named as follows:

1. Sultan (Badeka),
2. Mahboob(Hagga),
3. Harnarayana (Kavva),
4 Sitaram (Munda and Githara).

The Muslim mohallas were in existence, but after 1947 there were less number of Muslims who remained here. This village came in to the existence after the first war of Jat's against Aurangzeb.One Group of warriors started to live near the talab. There are five pokheres (ponds) still in existence. So its named is called khade to Kheri. With the rise of population, it divided in to two part one is called Kheri Kalan where mainly Jat live with the other casts. The second part now known as Kheri Khurd where Thakurs live with some other cast.

In Kheri Kalan village there is ancient temple of UMAMAHESHWER which is now known as Khera Dadi mandir. All the people of village have full faith in it. People pray here for better future of the village. Now it is beautiful and largest village of faridabad.

Jat Gotras in the village

There are 10000 people residing in the village out of them 8000 people are Jats. The biggest Jat gotra in the village is Narwat (नरवत) . The other Jat Gotras inhabiting the village are Dagar, Tewatia and Chauhan .

other castes are brahman, rajput, baniya, sunar, luhar, bairagi, jogi, dhobi, nai, kumhar, rangrej, balmiki etc. There were muslims also who left the village at the time partition of the country.

Notable persons

  • Yashpal Singh Narwat - Martyr in Operation Rakshak on 4 June 2001 in Kupwada. [1]
  • Ch Omkar Singh Narwat - Social Worker From Village Khedi Kalan in Faridabad district , Haryana. Born on 5 April 1965. Married to Smt Omvati Narwat. Contact:Jat House, Khedi Kalan, Faridabad-121002. Phone 0129-5202364. [2]
  • Chaudhary Hukam Chand Narwat


  • Jat Samaj, June, 2001


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