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Kokawas (कोकावास) (Kokas:कोकास) is a small village in Mandawar Alwar tahsil of district Alwar, Rajasthan.


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H.A. Rose writes that Kok (कोक) is a small clan of Jats found in Bawal (Nabha). It derives its name from its first home, Kokas in the Mandawar tahsil of Alwar. The Koks ordinarily worship the goddess Bhairon, and perform the first tonsure of their children at Durga's shrine in the Dahmi ilaqa of Alwar. Cf. Kuk. [1]

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The Kokawas village has a small population of 547 only, of which 275 are males while 272 are females (as per Population Census 2011).[2]

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