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Lance Naik Hari Singh was born on 26th September, 1920 in Badanpur village, Jind district, Haryana. His father's name was Sh Kura Singh. Due to the absence of schools in his village in those days, Lance Naik Hari Singh could not get a proper education. Against the wishes of his father, he joined the Army (Patiala Infantry) on 26th September, 1940. Sh Hari Singh spent the next two and half years of his service in places like Japan, Burma, Singapore, Java and Sumatra. Later he took part in the Jammu & Kashmir operations from 3rd November, 1947 to 13th January, 1949. Lance Naik Hari Singh retired from the Indian Army on 19th Feb, 1951 and went back to his village to look after his farm. He was a member of Zila Sainik Board, Jind from 1974 to 1978.

1948 India-Pakistan War

On 17th March 1948, Sepoy Hari Singh was a rifleman in the leading company during its advance on Jhangar (Jammu & Kashmir). His section came under heavy fire during the assault and was pinned down. He spotted an enemy bunker, and after throwing a grenade at it fired his stengun to kill both the defenders inside. He came under fire from another nearby enemy bunker and got wounded in the knee. Still not deterred he threw another grenade at the second bunker killing one of the enemy soldiers, while the second one fled for his life. When the rest of his company joined him, they engaged one enemy section led by an officer. Sepoy Hari Singh rushing 20 yards ahead of his section managed to kill the enemy officer.

Sepoy Hari Singh, by his individual actions was responsible for killing at least 3 enemies including one officer and breaking two enemy bunkers. For his gallantry he was awarded the 'Maha Vir Chakra (MVC)' on 17th March, 1948.

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