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Magsi (मगसी) is a gotra of Jats found in Sindh province of Pakistan.



Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[1] mentions Ethiopia.... Graucome, Emeus, the Pidibotæ, the Hebdomecontacometæ4, Nomades, who dwell in tents, Cyste, Macadagale, Proaprimis, Nups, Detrelis, Patis, the Ganbreves, the Magasnei, Segasmala, Crandala, Denna, Cadeuma, Thena, Batta, Alana, Mascoa, the Scamini, Hora, situate on an island, and then Abala, Androgalis, Sesecre, the Malli, and Agole.

4 Meaning, "the people who live in seventy villages."


Subodh Kapoor [2] mentions that Maghazzi is one of three great tribes of Baluchistan, the other two being the Nahrui and Kind. Jell and Shadia are the chief towns of Maghazzi, who have been located for long time in Kachi. They are divided into four principal clans, of which the Bhutani is the more illustrious and furnishes the Sirdar of the whole. The Maghazzi and the Rind are alike addicted to the abuse of ardent spirits bhang and opium. Their clans are the Abra, Birdi, Isobani, Jakra, Jakrani, Jatki, Kakrani, Kalandarani, Lashari, Maghzi, Mntaiki, Musani, Nari, Turbandzai and Unar.

Maghazzi also knows as Magzi or Magsi. Maghazzi is a Baloch tribe, and Baloch are also mentioned as Jat clan. So, Birdi is showing as a clan of Maghazzi in this book so Birdi are also be called as Jats as branch of Maghazzi.

Distribution in Pakistan

Magsi are found in Districts Thatta (Sindh),


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