Major General H.S. Gahlaut

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Major General H.S. Gahlaut was Ram Sarup Joon's Son-in-law, and belongs to village Nangloi in Delhi State. He has been an outstanding sportsman and was Captain of All India Volley Ball team from 11939 to 1942. He served with distinction in World War II and severely wounded in action.[1]

Fight with tiger

In the field of sports, once, while at Dehradun, he had a hand to hand fight with a wounded tiger, killed it but was badly mauled himself.

Took part in Indo-Pak war 1965

He took part in Indo Pak war of September 1965 as Brigade Commander 62 Mountain Brigade. His brigade attacked and captured the Roh Nala Bund in Pakistan opposite to Kasur. However, next day, the Pakistan 1st Armoured Division counterattacked with the aim of reaching Beas along axis Khem Karan, Bhikhi Wind, Khem Karan and Patti. The Brigade fought a very gallant action at the road junction of Asal Uttar and defeated Pakistan's Armoured Division, destroying 40 Patton tanks. [2]


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