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Makhan Singh (माखनसिंह) was of Thenua clan ruler of Javra in Hathras district in Uttar Pradesh in 16th century.

Genealogy of Mursan rulers was as under:

Makhan SinghNand Ram (r. 1645 -1695) → Jalkaran SinghKhasal SinghPuhap SinghBhagwant SinghTika RamKunwar Kisan PratapGhan Shyam Singh


Mursan (Thenua) Rulers family tree

Thenua Jats were the rulers of Mursan state, Hathras state, Beswan state, Vrindawan state and Baldevgarh state, all in Uttar Pradesh.

At the end of 16th century Thenuas came from Rajasthan to Brij under the leadership of Makhan Singh. They settled near Javra and occupied nearby areas. This was during the reign of Mughal ruler Jahangir. Their state was officially known as Tappa Javra.[1]

Makhan Singh - Makhan Singh married with daughter of Khokhan gotra Jats, who were in occupation of areas around Raya. After marriage Makhan Singh organized Jats of that area and gathered power. He constructed forts at Gausna (गौसना), Sindura (सिन्दूरा) etc. which were visited by historian Thakur Deshraj.[2] [3]

During the end of reign of Shahjahan, Sadulla Khan made a cantonment to control the growing power of Jats at place known as Sadabad. In 1652 AD Sadulla Khan occupied [Tappa]] - Javra of Jats, part of Jalesar, some villages of Khandoli, 80 villages of Mahavan and merged them with Sadabad pargana. This way Jats came under Mugals but they did not pay any Tax. [4]


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