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Location of Mandoli in Sikar district

Mandoli (मण्डोली) is a small village in Danta Ramgarh tahsil in Sikar district of Rajasthan.


War of Jakhars and Bijarnias

The Bahi of the bard (Raoji Bajrang Singh, Dalania, Phagi, Jaipur) of Bijarnia reveals that One Bijarnia ancestor had come to Dhankoli in samvat 1609 (1552 AD) during the period of Kayamkhani rulers at Dhankoli and the rule of Humayun at Delhi.

Jag Singh Chaudhary (Bijarnia) was an officer in the Army of Mughal emperor Humanyun. Badshah was very pleased with his services so he offered him a Jagir of 12 villages in samvat 1503 (1446 AD). Jagsi had 12 sons and one Paswan son named Rupsi.

Local tradition tells us that Jakhar Kunwar of Mandoli Bairath was married in the family of Bana Jat of Jayal Bhadun. Jakhar Kunwar was returning after his gona with his wife Bijli. He stayed at Ladhana. Meanwhile Jagsi’s Paswan son Rupsi was going to forest for hunting and he also stayed at Ladhana for a while. The newly married wife Bijli of Jakhar Kunwar was very impressed with the behavior of Rupsi. She praised the qualities of Rupsi in front of his husband. [1]

This annoyed Jakhar Kunwar and he scolded her for this behavior, left her behind and went away without her. Bijli was a simple and humorous girl. She had not anticipated this before. When Rupsi came back from hunting he found Bijli weeping with sorrow. Rupsi said since he is responsible for this incidence he offered that she could go with him if she had no objection. She was left with no option so decided to go with Rupsi.

Jakhars when learnt that their bahu had gone with Bijarnias they got annoyed over this incidence and complained to Delhi Badshah. Jakhars attacked Bijarnias with an army of 2200 soldiers on chaitra sudi 8 samvat 1510 (1453 AD). Bijarnias had blessings of Jeenmata that they could not be defeated. The 12 brothers who were initially keeping a distance with Paswan brother Rupsi also joined him in war against Jakhars.

Though all brothers fought war but it was made clear during the war by elder Bijarnia that Rupsi had created this problem so he would be dealt accordingly after the war. Rupsi when learnt about this dictate of elder Bijarnia he left Ladhana with Bijli and went to Shrimadhopur. His descendants flourished there. [2]

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As per Census-2011 statistics, Mandoli village has the total population of 793 (of which 391 are males while 402 are females).[3]

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