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Thakan (ठाकन)[1][2] Thakan (थाकन)[3] Thakkana (थाक्कन) [4] Thnakan (थांकन) Thakhan (थाकण) Thakran (ठाकरान) gotra Jats live in Rajasthan and Haryana UP. Same as Thakran.



Rajatarangini[5] mentions Thakkana, who were supporters of the old king Anantadeva father of King Kalasha of Kashmir. (VII:p.200)

Rajatarangini[6] mentions that ....The king lost his intellect in his anger and impaled Simba and Simba's younger brothers Simha and Thakkanasimha. He made Shrivaka, lord of Kampana, and having confined Janakasimha, he appointed Sujji, brother of Prajji, in the Rājasthāna (palace.) Year 1121 AD (VIII,p.89)

R.C.Majumdar[7] writes....The verse 151 of the fifth book of Rajatarangini informs us that Samkaravarman "caused the sovereign power, which the superior king Bhoja had seized, to be given up to the scion of the Thakkiya family who had become his servant in the office of the Chamberlain." (Rajatarangini, translated by Stein, p. 206) Now this passage is a difficult one and has been commented upon by various scholars. In the present state of our knowledge there will probably be no hesitation in identifying the superior king Bhoja in the above passage with the great emperor of Kanauj. We learn, then, from the above verse that something was taken by Bhoja, and this was afterwards restored to the Thakkiyakas by Samkaravarman. The question is, what is this thing. According to the different interpretations of Buhler, (Ep. Ind. Vol I, p. 186) Fleet (Ind. Ant., Vol. XV, p.110, fn. 31) and Stein it was respectively, " the universal sovereignty," " the dominion taken from the Thakkiyaka family," or " the sovereign power." Now the first seems to be out of question altogether ; for, in the first place, as Samakaravarman's conquest did not extend beyond the Punjab, he could hardly speak of universal sovereignty as being in his power to give, and secondly, even if possible, it would be hardly bestowed upon a family which was admittedly

[Page-56] subordinate to the Kashmir king. This latter argument also precludes the third view if it means any independent sovereign power, and on the whole, the only possible interpretation seems to be that of Fleet, according to which some dominions of the Punjab which were taken by Bhoja were reconquered by Samkaravarman. Whether this took place during the lifetime of Bhoja or after his death, we cannot possibly determine with any degree of certainty, for the verse admits of both the interpretations. (Ep. Ind , Vol. I, p. 186). The probability, however, is, that the event took place in the reign of Mahendrapaladeva. For Samkaravarman ascended the throne in 883 A. D. and had to fight " numerous battles " with the other rival candidates to the throne, before he could consolidate his position at home and set out on foreign expeditions.

According to bards Thakan and Bhatti are two names of the same gotra. So they never marry with each other. Thakan is a branch of Bhatti Jats Thakan belong to Bhatner Bhatti Jat Royal family.[8]

Rajatarangini[9] writes .... on death of Avantivarman all the members of the family of Utpala aspired to the throne. But Ratnavardhana the Royal guard raised Shankaravarmma, son of the late king, to the throne. The minister Karnapavinnāpa became envious, and raises Sukhavarmma the son of Suravarmma to the dignity of heir-apparent and so the king and the heir-apparent became enemies to each other, and consequently the kingdom was frequently disturbed by their quarrels. Shivashakti and other warriors refused offers of wealth, honor, &c, from the opposite party, and remained faithful to their master, and died for him. Honorable men never desert their party. After much trouble the king prevailed at last. He defeated Samaravarmma and others, on several occasions, and acquired great fame.

Having thus beaten and subjugated his own relatives,he made preparations for foreign conquests. Though the country was weak in population, he was able to set out with nine hundred thousand foot, three hundred elephants, and one hundred thousand horse. He, whose command had been ill obeyed in his own kingdom a short while before, now began to pass orders on kings.

[p.116]: His army was joined by the forces of tributary kings, and increased as he went on. On his approach the king of Darvabhisara fled in terror and there was no fighting. The Kashmirian army caught several lions and confined them in a fort, a sort of abode in which they had never lived before. The king then marched for the conquest of Gurjjara. Prithivi-chandra the king of Trigarta hid himself, but his son Bhuvanachandra, on whom the king of Kashmira had bestowed wealth before, came to pay homage. But when he saw the large army of Kashmira, he became afraid of being captured, and accordingly turned and fled. The king of Kashmira, whom the historians describe as a very handsome man, was regarded by other kings as Death. Shankaravarmma easily defeated Alakhāna king of Gurjjara who ceded Takka a part of his kingdom to his conqueror. The king of the Thakkiyaka family took service as guard under the king of Kashmira. The latter caused the kingdom of the Thakkiya king which had been usurped by the king of Bhoja to be restored to him. The king of the country which lay between Darat and Turushka, (as the Aryavarta lies between Himalaya and Vindhya,) Lalliya Shahi by name, who was among kings even as the sun is among stars, and was also lord over Alakhāna, did not submit to the king of Kashmira, on which the latter drove him out of his country.

ठाकन जाटों का इतिहास

बडवा भाट की पोती के अनुसार ठाकन जाटों का इतिहास[10]

थाकन गोत्र को क्षेत्रीय अपभ्रंश के कारण ठाकन और ठाकरान,ठाकराना भी बोल जाता है। ठाकन जाटों की उत्पति यदुवंशी जाटों से है। ठाकुर देशराज और मुन्शी ज्वालासहाय जी ‘वाकए राजपूताना’ के अनुसार भटनेर वर्तमान हनुमानगढ़ पर जाटों का राज्य था भाटी गोत्र जाटों ,गुर्जरो,माली, राजपूतो में मिलता है पंजाब में भाटी गोत्र के जाट बहुत अधिक संख्या में है।

भटनेर के दुर्ग ने सबसे अधिक विदेशी हमले झेले है एक बार युद्ध में पराजय के बाद भाटी जाटों का एक समूह नागौर के पास आबाद हुआ ठिकानेदार होने के कारन वो ठाकन /थाकन। कहलाये जो कि ठाकुर (ठाकुर) नामक उपाधि का बिगड़ा रूप है। यहां से ठाकन/थाकन सीकर जिले में आबाद हुए और अकाल के समय इनका एक समूह जयपुर रियासत में आकर आबाद हुआ। जोधपुर रियासत मेंनागौर से आये एक ठाकन जाटों का समूह वर्तमान दौसा जिले में बांदीकुई के पास पण्डितपुरा में आकर आबाद हुए यहां आने से पहले मार्ग में जोबनेर माता ने ठाकन जाटों की रक्षा की तभी से पण्डितपुरा और पण्डितपुरा से निकल कर आबाद हुए दूसरे गाँवो के ठाकन जोबनेर माता को अपनी कुल देवी मानते है।

आज ठाकन जाट राजस्थान ,हरियाणा ,महाराष्ट्र में निवास करते है ठाकन जाटों के पण्डितपुरा से बहुत से गाँवो का निकास हुआ है। ठाकन जाटों के अलवर जिले के सभी गॉव पण्डितपुरा से ही निकले है। बस्सी जिला जयपुर में भी एक गाव थाकन जाटों का है जो पण्डितपुरा से जाकर आबाद हुए है। यह लोग बस्सी में अब ठाकरान ही लिखते हैं। सीकर जिले के अजीतपुर के पास से ठाकन जाट महाराष्ट्र के पास जाटों की बयासी में बसे है हरियाणा में थाकन/ठाकन जाट पण्डितपुरा से जाकर गुडगांव और दिल्ली में आबाद हुए बाद में जोधपुर और सीकर से आये थाकन हिसार जिले में दो गाव और भिवानी में एक गाव में ठाकन जाट आबाद हुए है।

पण्डितपुरा से गुडगांव गए ठाकन जाट आजकल ठाकरान कहलाते हैं। दिल्ली के बादशाहो ने ठाकन जाटों से समझौता करके राणा की पदवी प्रदान की थी इसलिए यह ठाकराना कहलाए जो आगे चल कर ठाकरान हो गया है।

Villages founded by Thakan clan

  • Ardawata: The Pilania Jats and Thakan Jats became adamant to establish this village so the thikanedars started calling it Adawata after hindi word adna (अड़ना). Later on it got changed to Ardawata (अरड़ावता).
  • Thakanon Ki Dhani (थाकनों की ढाणी) - Village in Baytoo tahsil of Barmer district in Rajasthan.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Harmara, Murlipura Scheme, Shastri Nagar,Tonk Road,

Villages in Jaipur district

Amarpura (6), Harmada, Damodarpura, Shrirampura,

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Anandpura, Angasar (100), Ardawata (अरड़ावता),

Villages in Jodhpur district

Thakano ki Dhani, Rampuriya Bilara,

Villages in Nagaur district

Badu Bhadwa, Harnawa (50), Khakholi Didwana, Shekhpura Nagaur (40), Suriyas,

Villages in Barmer district

Akdara, Hudon Ki Dhani Akdara, Kanor, Kasoombala Bhatiyan, Koloo, Rateu, Thakanon Ki Dhani, Sawau Moolraj Baytu,

Villages in Sikar district

Dantujala, Mandoli,

Villages in Churu district

Birmi Patta,

Villages in Dausa district

Panditpura ,Chak Anandpura

Villages in Tonk district

Khandwa (1), Modiyala,

Village in Alwar District

In alwar district Thakan jat migrated from Panditpura , Bandikui. Lachhmangarh Alwar, Chaulai ka baas,Sainthal, Ronpur

Thakan/Thakran jat migrated from jhadsa Ajerka, Sirod Kalan,

Village in Hanumangarh District

Khachwana[11], Moter,

Distribution in Haryana

हरियाणा में थाकन/ठाकन जाट राणा पदवी प्राप्त करने के बाद ठाकरान भी लिखते हैं।

Villages in Bhiwani district


Villages in Gurgaon district

Jharsa (झाड़सा), Islampur, Nanu Khod,

Villages in Jhajjar district


Distribution in Delhi

Location In Delhi

Villages Nangal Thakran, Bajitpur,

Notable Persons

  • Lt. Manish Chowdhary (Thakan) - Lieutenant Navy, Date of Birth : 6-March-1985. Vill.- Khakholi, Distt.- Nagaur. Present Address : A-62 , Jai Ambey Nagar ,Tonk Road, Jaipur. Resident Phone Number : 0141-2554263, Mobile Number : 9413827083, Email[13]
  • Rajendra Prasad Choudhary (Thakan) - Date of Birth : 20-March-1953, S.E. Gramin Vikas & Panchayatraj Engg.Service, VILL.- Khakholi, Didwana, Nagaur, Present Address : A-62, Jai Ambey Nagar, Tonk Road, Jaipur, Phone : 0141-2554263, Mob: 9828054263, Email Address :
  • Wg Cdr Ramesh Thakan - Wing Commander IAF, Village:Mandhana. Bhiwani, Haryana, Mob: 7982528015,
  • Dr. Rambeer Thakan - vetrynary surgeon, Village:Mandhana
  • Pahalwan Kamal Singh Thakan - Kabaddi coach, Village:Mandhana.
  • Ravi Choudhary (Thakan) - Ravi Prakash Thakan, born 01/07/1993, Village Ardawata Tehsil Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. PIN Code 333027, Topper of Rajasthan University in BBA. Studying in Victoria university Sydney Australia. Course MBA, presented SAMSUNG , global sustainability in India, Australia. Currently representing to India in Australia in various aspects. Residence l19/32 Early Street Parramatta NSW Post code 2150, Sydney, Australia, Contact number is +61420748399, Email 70ravichoudhary@gmailcom
  • Pawan Thakan is a self taught sketch artist from Barmer, Mo.7023347969 Facebook: Pawan Thakan

Gallery of Thakan people

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