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Manglana (मंगलाना) (Mangalana) is a village in Parbatsar tehsil of Nagaur district in Rajasthan. Its ancient name was Mangalanaka (मंगलानक).


Pincode of the village is 341505. It is situated 4km away from Parbatsar town and 145km away from Nagaur city. Being a large village, Mangalana has also got its own gram panchayat. Bidiyad, Gangwa and Nakan are some of the nearby villages.

Jat Gotras


Manglana Stone Inscription of V. 1272 (1215 AD)

Manglana was on the northern fringes of Chauhan Kingdom. Govinda was succeeded by his son Valhana in Kingdom of Ranthambhor.That, like his father, he continued to recognize the supremacy of the Delhi Sultanate is obvious from the Manglana Stone Inscription of V. 1272 (1215 AD) which refers itself to victorious reign of Shamsuddin, the lord of Ghor and Ghazna and the gadhapati Valhanadeva ruling at Ranthambhor. It is dated Sunday, the 11th of the dark half of Jyeshtha, V. 1272 (1215 AD), and records the construction of a step-well by Valhana's feudatory Jaitrasimha, son of Mahamandaleshvara Padmasimhadeva of the Dadhichaka family (Dahiya). (IA,XLI,p.87f) [1]


According to Census-2011 information:

With total 507 families residing, Manglana village has the population of 2895 (of which 1496 are males while 1399 are females).[2]

Notable persons

  • चौ. भैरूराम कड़वा पुत्र चौ. मूलाराम ग्रा. गुढ़ा (मगलाणा) पो. ढिलढाणी त. परबतसर जिला नागौर[3]

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