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Nagna (नागना) is Gotra of Jats found in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh.


Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[1] mentions Arabia....The remaining places and nations on the mainland, lying still to the south, are the Ausaritæ, to whose country it is seven days' journey among the mountains, the nations of the Larendani and the Catabani, and the Gebanitæ, who occupy a great number of towns, the largest of which are Nagia, and Thomna with sixty-five temples, a number which fully bespeaks its size.


Bhim Singh Dahiya[2] has equated Varahamihira's Name Nagna with Present Name Nagia.

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Morda 1,


Notable persons

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