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Genealogy of Early Guptas

Narasimhagupta (467-473 AD) was ruler of Gupta Empire. Narasimhagupta (467-473) was followed by Kumaragupta II (473-476) and Buddhagupta (476-495?). In the 480's the Hephthalite king Toramana broke through the Gupta defenses in the northwest, and much of the empire was overrun by the Hunas by 500 AD. The empire disintegrated under the attacks of Toramana and his successor, Mihirakula; the Hunas conquered several provinces of the empire, including Malwa, Gujarat, and Thanesar, broke away under the rule of local dynasties.

It appears from inscriptions that the Guptas, although their power was much diminished, continued to resist the Hunas, and allied with the independent kingdoms to drive away the Hunas from most of the northern India by the 530's. The succession of the sixth-century Guptas is not clear, but the last recognized ruler of the dynasty's main line was Vishnugupta, who reigned from 540 to 550 A.D.

Nalanda Clay Seal of Narasimhagupta

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