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Naro (नारो)[1][2] is gotra of Jats. Naro clan is found in Afghanistan.[3]


This gotra is saidto be originated from place name Nagapattama (नागपत्तम). [4]

Naro village


Bajwa is a prominent Jat clan of the Punjab. The ancestor of the Bajwas is Baba Manga. Their place of origin is Bajwat in the Sialkot and Narowal districts of Pakistan. This place is located in the Shiwalik foothills and is quite near the Indian border as well as the city of Jammu. Baba Manga had seven sons. The eldest, Naro established a village, which was named as Narowal after him.

Naro Majra (नारो माजरा) village is in Malerkotla tehsil of Sangrur district of Punjab.

Nairo pahar

The ancient name of Bharhut was Vardavati. Ptolemy in his 'Geography' has mentioned a city named 'Bardaotis' situated on the route from Ujjain to Pataliputra, which according to Alexander Cunningham is related with Bharhut. Vardavati was a very prosperous town in ancient times and it was one of important centres of trade.

Besides Bharhut hill is situated the Nairo hill, which has a flat top (plateau) having traces of an ancient fort. The constructions of Bharhut consist of red stones obtained from Nairo hill and Bharhut hill. [5]

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