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Location of Phagi in Jaipur district

Nathmalpura (नथमलपुरा) is a village in Phagi tahsil in Jaipur district in Rajasthan. It is also called Naya Mauja.


Nathmalpura is located 3 km westwards from Religious Place Kheda Balaji.



The village was firstly inhabitied by the people of Beniwal gotra and founded by them, Later the Dahiya's came to village from Naya Gaon and the Dholya's of the Dosra village were last who settled here.

Jat Gotras


The population of this village is 300 0ut of which 100 are SC's and rest are Jats.

Notable Persons

  • Motaram Beniwal - D.Y.S.P, Rajasthan Police
  • Hariram Choudhary (Dahiya) - Ex Sarpanch ,Gram Panchayat-Maandi.
  • Ramlal Jat (Dahiya) - Inspector, Statics Department of rajasthan Government.
  • Abhimanyu Singh Choudhary(Dahiya)- Advocate

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