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Naunangali (नौनान्गली) or Naunagali or Noonangali is village in Shamli tahsil of Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh


Naunangali village is about 120km from Delhi, 20 km from Shamli and 11 km from Jhinjhana town

Jat Gotras



Naunangali village is a small peaceful village about 20km from Shamli , which is now a district head quarter. Legend has it that 9 snakes(Nau Naag), giving the name "Naunangali" were found in this village and village still has blessings that no ones ever dies of a snakebite. The population of Naunangali is about 2500. Jats of the Dahiya Gotra comprise of the major population. The village is peaceful and prospoerous and no incidents were reported during the Muzzafarnagar riots also.

Notable persons

Late Shri Brahm Singh Shastri(Hon. Magistrate) is the most respected and well known personality of the village and the whole area. He was educated in Lahore and also completed his Shastri qualification. He was respected in the entire community because of his fair, just and logical and progress oriented approach towards issues of public importance. With strong commitment towards social reforms and betterment of society he served (without salary/compensation) as Honorary magistrate at the Kairana court and resolved public disputes honestly and fairly. His strong personality, honest ethics and selfless public service made him a respected and venerated public figure of western U.P.

With exemplary hard work and strong will he built a sprawling Haveli which is a marvel of architecture and an epitome of prosperity and with a vision of expansion towards town and cities built significant land bank in the nearest town Jhinjhana. His skills and achievements are also mentioned in the Jat Itihas.

Shri Brahm Singh Shastri met with an unfortunate fatal road accident at a very young age while on his way to meet the then prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri.

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