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Nonari (नोनारी) is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.


Distribution in Pakistan

Nonari - The Nonari claim descent from the Bhatti Rajputs. They are found in Layyah, Bhakkar, Muzaffargarh, Multan, Sahiwal, Faisalabad and Rahim Yar Khan districts.

According to 1911 census the Nonari were the principal Muslim Jat clan in:

  • Montgomery District (Sahiwal District) - Nonari (2,448)
  • Lyalpur District (Faisalabad District) - Nonari (858)
  • Jhang District - Nonari (983)
  • Multan District - Nonari (934)
  • Bahawalpur State - Nonari (1,560)

Notable persons


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