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Phullan (फुल्लन) is a small village between Ratiya and Fethabad in Hisar district of Haryana.


It is approximately 12 km from Fethabad and 5 km from Ratiya.

Jat Gotra

Sihag (main gotra), Maiya, Dahiya, Karwasra, Thalor, Garwal, Phageria, Jaivalia , Dhaka, Dheru, Tandi, Jakhar, Mahla.

Other castes

Harijan and Nayak are backward classes living in the village.


The population is around 2800.


It was established around 1910-1920. The village got its name "Phullan" from a lot of flowers which were present at the entrance of the village.

Notable persons

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