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Genealogy of Harshavardhana

Prabhakaravardhana (प्रभाकरवर्धन), also Prabhakar Vardhan, the ruler of Thanesar, who belonged to the Bains or Virk family, extended his control over all other feudatories. Prabhakar Vardhan had two sons and one daughter -

Prabhakar Vardhan was the first king of the Bains or Virk clan with his capital at Thanesar. Thanesar is now a small town in the vicinity of Kurukshetra in the state of Haryana near Delhi.

Thaneshwar, during this time (about 604 A.D.) was threatened by the Hunas from the western side. Banabhatta has described Prabhakarvardhana as "a lion to the Huna deer". According to him an army under Rajyavardhana was sent to defeat the Hunas but due to the sudden illness of his father he had to come back. With Prabhakarvardhana's death the family had to face troubled times for a while. The Malava king killed Grahavarman and took Rajyasri prisoner. It appears that the Malava and the Gauda kings entered into alliance and even Thaneshwar was threatened. Rajyavardhana defeated the Malavas but was killed through treachery by Sasanka, the Gauda king. Now it was Harsha's responsibility to seek revenge and in due course he was able to establish a strong empire.

As per Bana's Harshacharita and Harsha's inscriptional records we have the founder as Pushpabhuti followed by Naravardhana= wife Vajrinidevi, Rajyavardhana-I=wife Apsarodevi, Adityavardhana= wife Mahasenaguptadevi, Prabhakaravardhana=wife Yashomatidevi, Rajyavardhana-IIand Harshavardhana. There is no question of calling any of these kings as Virk. Even their Malava connection is unproved. The Pushpabhutis appear to have ruled as feudataries of the Guptas to begin with. They must have had to work under the Hunas for some time and must have filled the gap in the Thanesar region to begin with on the decline of the gupta supremacy and demise of the Huna.

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