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Purewal or Purawal is a gotra or clan of Jats found mainly in the state of Punjab in India.


Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Jalandhar district

The villages of origin of the Purewal clan are Shankar, Kalewal Fattu and Hakim Pur. It is reported that three brothers travelled to the aforementioned villages, and settled down, after seeing them in a state. These three brothers became the founders of the Purewal clan.

The three Purewal brothers were very religious men. It is reported that they helped people in need, and donated money yearly to the gurdwara. The brothers were also athletes. They promoted wrestling in Shankar, with wrestling matches taking place yearly, to this day.

Village in Jalandhar district

Villagein Gurdaspur district

Notable persons

  • Sawarn Singh - A Purewal Jat served as Foreign and Defense Minister of India.

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