Raghuvendra Mirdha

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Raghuvendra Mirdha

Raghuvendra Mirdha (born June 21, 1972) a Rad gotra Jat, belongs to Kuchera in Nagaur District of Rajasthan. He is great grandson of Baldev Ram Mirdha and grandson of Ram Niwas Mirdha; from mother's side Parasram Maderna.


He got schooling from Mayo College, Ajmer; graduated from Delhi University; Masters in International Relations and Trade from London.


He married with Swati in December 2001 (born, October 16), Graduated from Mumabi University. Worked with Concern India Foundation and Marg Publications


Raghuvendra Mirdha worked with international commodity trading firm, taking care of their operations of Non Ferrous metals and Fertilizers for the Indian subcontinent with the primary task of hedging the Non ferrous metals on the London Metal Exchange. After this two and half year, rich and fruitful international exposure, entered existing family business.

Thereafter fully involved in professional and public life in Rajasthan. He is now an elected Member of Indian National Congress Executive in State of Rajasthan.

Family background

He comes from the popular Mirdha family of Marwar region in Rajasthan. The Mirdha Family have long been and still are primarily into agriculture. But also have a strong political presence. Having delivered to society, the family has produced leaders of national and state stature, giving it a strong socio-political standing. Over the years the family has acquired a large and influential resource base, which assists the success of any venture undertaken by it.

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