Raja Sajraj Veer Singh Nagil

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Raja Sajraj Veer Singh Nagil (880 to 935 AD) was the most famous ruler of the Jat state of Ranthambore in Rajasthan prior to the rule of Prithvi Raj Chauhan.


Raja Sajraj Veer Singh headed a small army of 20000 thousand die hard warriors including a calvary of 10000 thousand soldiers to protect its kingdom from invaders.He was the first ruler of Ranthambore who developed and raised infrastructure to make this area worth talking. He is also considered as a founder of fort as nobody knows who founded the famous fort.

It is to be noted that Ran Mal Jat founded this place by putting a stambh (pillar) at the location of present Ranthambore. He challenged the neighbouring rulers for battle. The area around Ranthambore was ruled by Gora and Nagil Jats till two centuries prior to the rule of Prithvi Raj Chauhan.

The Ranthambore was ruled by Nagil , a Jat of Nagvansh, prior to the rule of Prithviraj Chauhan of Ranthambore.The Nagil Jat captured the ranthambore much before 900A.D. and developed it into a place to live in.The name of the Jat king , was Raja Sajraj Veer Singh Nagil who is also considered, according to the famous Jat historians Thakur Deshraj , the writer of jat ithihas 1934 and Mr Dharmpal Singh Dudi, Nagil people, a Jat clan, were rulers of Ranthambore.The association of Nagil claim that their king was Sajraj Singh Nagil and his small fort was demolished by Chouhan rulers and established their empire and fort of Ranthambore was renovated by Chauhans. Moreover no historian is sure about the date of construction of the fort.The A.S.I ,official agency of Indian Govt, is yet to confirm the actual date of construction of the fort .

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