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Location of Ralawatan in Kishangarh, Ajmer district

Ralawatan (रलावतां) is a village in Kishangarh tehsil in District Ajmer, Rajasthan.




Village was founded by Kalu Ram Nodal, who came from Palri and then to Ralawata in Kishangarh tehsil in District Ajmer, Rajasthan in V.S. 1407 (1350 AD)


Kanwar Kalu Ram Nodal son of Amaraji Nodal moved from Palri and founded village Ralawatan ( Kishangarh, Ajmer) in V.S. 1407 (1350 AD). Kanwar Kaluram was accompanied with Budaswana Dadhich Brahman and Bugalia Balai people when the village Ralawata was founded.[1]

Jat Gotras

Jat Gotras in Ralawata with approximate number of families are:


At the time of Census-2011, the population of Moondoti village stood at 4803, with 770 households.

Notable Persons

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