Ram Singh Khoja

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Ram Singh Khoja (947) (रामसिंह खोजा) was a Khoja clan ruler of Tonk.


Khoja Jats ruled in Tonk in 11th century. The author of ‘Tarikh Rajgan Hind’ Maulvi Hakeem Majmulgani Khan has mentioned about Tonk giving its geographical description and location of Tonk town on Banas River. He has further mentioned that Khoja Ram Singh after a war at Delhi came to this place and founded Tonkra (टोंकरा) town on magha sudi teras samvat 1003 (947 AD) . After a long period on magh sudi 5 samvat 1337 (1281 AD) when Ghiyas ud din Balban won Madhaupur and Chittorgarh, this town was again inhabited and called as Tonk. Thus the descendants of Ram Singh ruled Tonk from samvat 1003 to samvat 1337 (947-1281 AD). Ghiyas ud din Balban (1266–1286), ex-slave, son-in-law of Sultan Nasir ud din Mahmud had destroyed this town, which was rehabilitated.[1]


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