Sajja Singh

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Genealogy of the Fridkot rulers

Sajja Singh () (b. ... - d.1710) (r.1708 - 1710 ) was a Barar-Jat Chief of the erstwhile Faridkot State.


Lepel H. Griffin[1] writes that Kapura was eighty years old at his death in 1708, who left three sons, Sukha, Sajja and Makhu, who determined to avenge their father's murder, and, assembling the clan and obtaining the aid of a strong Imperial force, they attacked Isa Khan, defeated and killed him and plundered his fort.

Sajja, though the second son,* succeeded his father as head of the family, but only survived him twelve years, when his brother Sukha Singh became Chief. He added to his possessions the estates of Rahadatta, Behkbodla, Dharamkot, Karman and Mamdot, and founded the new village of Kot Sukha. To his younger brother, Makhu, the villages Rori and Matta, were assigned from the patrimony, and these are still in the possession of Makhu's descendants.

Sukha died in 1731, aged fifty, leaving three sons, Jodh, Hamir and Vir, who for some time lived together in peace, but at length they quarreled and the two younger wished to divide the estate. To this Jodh, the eldest, would not agree, and Hamir and Vir then asked assistance from some of the Sikh Chiefs then rising to power.

* Sirdar Attar Singh Bhadour, one of the best authorities on early Cis-Satlej history, considers Sukha Singh to have been the second son, and Sajja or Lena Singh the elder. Also that the latter was Chaudhri for only two years, dying in 1710.


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