Salisuka Maurya

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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Genealogy of Mauryas

Salisuka Maurya (215Bc-202BC) was king of the Mauryan Empire from 215-202 BCE. He was the successor of Samprati Maurya.

Some additional notes from Puranas

Salisuka Maurya has been mentioned as one of the post-Asokan period rulers from this dynasty and assigned 13 years of his rule over Magadha. His name is testified by the Vayu and Vishnu Puranas.

In the 'Yugpurana' section of the 'Gargi Samhita' he is said to have done much to further the cause of Jainism even by the use of force.[For Purana text see Pargiter, Dynasties of the Kali Age, pp 27-29.]


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