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Saradvat (सरदवत)[1] Saradawat (सरदवत) [2] Saradwat (सरदवत)[3] is a gotra of Jats.


They are descendants of Mahabharata period King Sharadavata (शारदवत).


Rajatarangini[4] mentions that Bhagika, Sharadbhasi, Mummuni, Mungata, Kalasha and other men of the king's party harassed the enemies. Kamalaya, son of Lavaraja king of Takka, took the king's side in this war in 1121 AD. His younger brother Sangika and his brother's son Prithvipala defended him on two sides.

In Mahabharata

Saradwat (सरदवत) fought Mahabharata War in the division of Kauravas. Bhisma Parva, Mahabharata/Book VI Chapter 20 mentions Saradwat (सरदवत) in shloka 13.

  • शारदवतश चॊत्तरधूर महात्मा; महेष्वासॊ गौतमश चित्रयॊधी
शकैः किरातैर यवनैः पह्लवैश च; सार्धं चमूम उत्तरतॊ ऽभिपाति (VI. 20.13)



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