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Shekha (शेखा) Shaikha (शैखा) is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan. Shekha clan is found in Afghanistan.[1]


H.A. Rose writes that Shekha and Jasrat appear as father and son in the genealogy of the Khokhars : see tree given in the vernacular settlement report of the Gujrat district, by Mirza Azim Beg, 1865. (Tabaqāt-i-Akbari, pp. 18, 19, 127, 147 and 600; Rauzat-ut- Tāhirin, Elliot, I, p. 301; Muntakhib-ut-Tawārikh, p. 18; Ibn-i-Asir Elliot, II, p. 433; Tabaqāt-i-Nāsiri, pp. 123-4, etc.) [2].

H.A. Rose[3]explains the term Shaikha. Shaikha was the general name by which the chiefs of the tribes styled themselves, because " being Hindus by descent, they had become converts to Islam," Hence Jasrath is often styled Jasrath Shaikha.— Raverty's Notes, p. 367.

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the Shekha were the principal Muslim Jat clan in Multan District with population of Shekha (674). [4]

Another Shekha, name of a village in Barnala district

Shekha Barnala village

Notable persons


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