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Location of villages around Chirawa in Jhunjhunu district

Shri Amarpura (श्री अमरपुरा) village falls in Chirawa tahsil in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.


  • Chaudhary Roopa Ram founded in about 1845 AD.


Nearby village [[Kithana], Padampura, Chirasan, Bhukana

Jat Gotras


Village Shri Amarpura partitioned from nearby village Kithana about 170 years before. Chaudhary Roopa Ram decided to setup a new village. He had three sons (i) Girdhar (Geeda Ram), Nanak Ram and Hari/Haru Ram. Chaudhry Roopa Ram with his three sons dug a well and made their residence under a khejri tree called Khetarpal. Other castes migrated to this village. Jogis from Kithana, Khatis from Padam Pura, Brahmans from Kithana, Charamkar from Bhatiwad etc.

Afterward ruler of Khetri estate named this village on his name (Amarpura).


The Shri Amarpura village has the total population of 911, of which 442 are males while 469 are females (as per Population Census 2011).[1]

Notable persons

  • Dr Ram Singh - A renowned scholar from Florida State University. He did his research work in Computer Science in 1967-69. He left USA on a dispute with USA Government on the study of Monsoon Behaviour in Indian sub-continent.
  • Late Vaidya Sri Goru Ram - He was a Ayurvedic vaidya. He gave his services free of cost when there was no treatment available in the villages. He had Rambaan oshdhis for some cronic diseases.
  • Late Sri Vijay Pal - He was head of Jila Parisad of Jhunjhunu. Died in his early days in a road accident.
  • Dr. Rohitaswa Dhankhar - Elder brother of Late Sri Vijay Pal. He is an educationist, working with NCERT.

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