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Thakot or Takot (Urdu: تھاکوٹ‬‎; Pashto: تاکوټ‬‎) is a tribal town on the Indus River in Battagram District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


It is also one of twenty Union Councils of Battagram District, and one of twelve in Battagram Tehsil.[1] Thakot is located midway between Battagram town in the south and Besham town (Shangla District) in the north, at a distance of about 30 km from both.


Turks ruled the area since 1399, when Amir Taimur, left his battalion of thousands of Karlugh Turks in this region. Similarly the area of Alai and kohistan about Koli-Palus were under the Gabari Khangi of Nogaram. That rule continued until 1703, when Swatis attacked the area and Thakot Fort was occupied after a several months of strong resistance by Shamsher Khan Turks. After the fall of Thakot Fortress, no resistance was offered by Pakhli Sarkar, the Karlugh Turks ruler of the then Hazara and the whole region from Battagram to Mansehra was occupied by the Swatis.

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