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This is a partial list of Jat Donors. You may add more. Click the link below to see details.
  • Seth Sir Chhaju Ram Lamba(सेठ सर छाजूराम)(b.1861-d.7 April 1943) - He spent a lot of money in social welfare works. He started many hostels, libraries and dharamshalas. He floated scholarships for financially weak and needy students. He financed higher studies of Sir Chhotu Ram. He was known as Bhamasah of kshatriya caste.
  • Dr Ghasi Ram Verma (Tetarwal) (डॉ घासीराम वर्मा) - He is a great donor and social worker committed to the cause of upliftment of education in India. He has so far donated about Rs 5 crore from his savings to the various Institutions in his homeland Rajasthan. Institutions which received donations include 23 Hostels, 14 Schools and Colleges, 16 Social Service Institutions and 13 Publication of Literature.
  • Cheti Lal Verma (चेतीलाल वर्मा) (2 June 1921 - 18 January 2000) - He always contributed for the development of Jat Samaj.
  • Shri Balma Ram Badwal - It is worth mentioning that Shri Balma Ram Badwal son of Shri Ramaji Badwal of village Sursura donated Rs 181000/- for the renovation of the temple of Tejaji at Sursura on 6 July 2006. A plaque on the temple gate mentions about this fact. Sursura is the place where the Jat folk-deity Tejaji became martyr, fighting with the enemies.
  • Sardar Bahadur Captain Mehtab Singh Agre OBI 3rd Cavalry. He was born in the Zamindar family of Amrotha, Mathura. He was 7 feet 6 inches tall. He donated 200 bigha of land to Government(now the Civil lines and Jawahar Bagh of Mathura). Source - Jat Kshatriya Culture
  • Shri Daria Singh(Lohan)(दरिया सिह लौहान) - (b. 1 August 1956) is a Social Worker. He is a great donor and social worker committed to the cause of upliftment of education in Rajasthan. He has so far donated about Rs 2 Lakh from his savings to the Government Schools in his homeland. It is worth mentioning that Shri Daria Singh Lohan son of Shri Ishwar Singh of village Mahapalwas in Chirawa tehsil of Jhunjhunu district donated Rs 151000/- for the construction of a huge hall in the Government School at Mahapalwas. He is always keen in donating Scholarships at schools every year since last 20 years to motivate the students. Shri Daria Singh is awarded Bhamashah Samman by Government of Rajasthan on 28th June,1999 at Birla Auditorium.

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