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Tor Ghar or Torghar, formerly The Black Mountain (or Kala Dhaka in Hindko), is a district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.


It lies between 34º32' and 34º50' N, and 72º48' and 72º58' E. It is bounded on the east by Agror and on the south by Tanawal; to the west it is bounded by Buner, to the northeast it borders with Batagram. This area has also been called Chagharzai, because of adjoining Chagharzai areas of Buner District. Opposite Kala Dhaka (officially 'Kala Dhaka' has been renamed 'Tor Ghar'), across the Indus River is Shangla District, mainly the area belonging to Tehsil Martung.

Origin of name

The name Tor ghar is a Pashto word, Tor means "Black" and "Ghar" means "Mountain" or "hill". This district has a number of dark mountains and hills therefore it called Torghar.



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