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Veerbhan Khichar (778 AD) (वीरभान खीचड़) was the founder of Sikar town in Rajasthan. Original name of Sikar was Veerbhan-Ka-Bas.


As per records of the bards of Burdak the Kari village was founded by Burdak Jats.[1] Chaudhari Balan Singh Burdak came from Sambhar and founded village Balrasar in samvat 821 (765 AD) on magh sudi basant panchami. He constructed a pakka well 85 hath deep and 4-3/4 hath wide. He also dug a pond named it balanu after him in north of the village. Left 525 bigha land under it. He constructed a Shiva temple here. Chaudhari Mal Singh moved from village Balrasar to Kari and founded it on chait sudi ram navami samvat 825 (768 AD). He constructed a pakka well 90 hath deep and 4-3/4 hath wide facing north.

Foundation of Sikar

In 778 AD the Kari village was under Raja Veer Bhan Chauhan of Hansi. (See:Burdak Gotra Ka Itihas)

According to H A Rose Khichar are same as Khichi clan of Chauhans. [2]

This fact from Bards of Burdak reveals that Veerbhan Khichar seems to be Raja Veer Bhan Chauhan.

Veerbhan-Ka-Bas, present Sikar, thus was founded in 778 AD.

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