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Thakur Amani Singh
राजा अमानी सिंह लगसमा

Thakur Amani Singh Thakurela was great freedom fighter and chieftain of Thakurela clan of Jats from Gahlau, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh . He fought against British rule in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh in the revolt of 1857. He was coronated as Raja of the Iglas, Khair and nearby region by the Jat community at Aligarh.

Early life

Thakur Amani Singh was born at Gahlau village of Thakurela Jats of Lagsama region of Aligarh district. He was born in the aristocratic family of Zamindars of Gahlau.


He is also referred as Raja Amani Singh because of his control over a vast area of Aligarh district and made to run parallel government in the region with the bitter opposition of Britishers.

He was an audacious warrior and was skilled in wrestling,horse riding,sword fighting and spear fighting.It is said by the local historians that he was so brave that he could fight with swords in both hands while riding a horse without holding its rein. He was having a horse whose tales are cherished by the people of Aligarh and nearby districts,that horse was so ferocious when Amani sat on its back and fought in the battle,that horse itself also started killing britishers.

Thakur Amani Singh united the both factions of Thakurela Jats which were Atthaeesi and Baeesi and made them fight against Britishers.

Role in 1857 freedom movement

In the freedom movement of 1857 Britishers in addition with Gwalior contingents and Sowars attacked Aligarh under Major Burtlon to subdue Thakur Amani Singh but his attacks were repelled for few months by Thakur Amani Singh. Thakur Amani Singh commanded his army to snatch the weapons of British and allied forces.

He attacked and captured the Tehsils of Iglas,Khair and Koil.Britishers after failing various times retaliated in heavy numbers during rainy season which lead to destruction of match lock guns of Jat army under Thakur Amani Singh.He was captured by Britishers and trialed at Koil Magistrate office and hanged to death.


शहीद अमानी सिंह का जन्म गहलऊ गाँव में हुआ था। आपने 1857 की आजादी की लड़ाई में भाग लिया था। आपके बारे में प्रसिद्ध था - 'अमानी तो अमानी, बाकी घोड़ी हूँ न मानी'. इगलास के आसपास का क्षेत्र ठकुरेले जाटों का है. इसे लागसमा भी कहते हैं. ठकुरेलों की बाईसी और अठाईसी की पंचायत ने पाई नगला में सर्वसम्मति से अमानी सिंह को नेता मान लिया था. लगसमा का यह वीर अंग्रेजों पर 1857 की क्रांति में बहुत भारी पड़ा था. जनश्रुति है कि बलिष्ठ शरीर वाले अमानी सिंह घोड़ी की लगाम नहीं थामते थे और दोनों हाथों से तलवार चलते थे. [1]

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