Babita Rathi Bamal

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Babita Rathi Bamal

Babita Rathi Bamal is an International football player and writer from Rohtak district in Haryana.

Her own story

I came to travel the earth mother on 19th November 1976 in a farmer family.

I did my schooling from Rohtak along with sports and my game was football. This is quite a tough job as I was told by every body except my parents. I started writing as hobby during my school days when I was in 9th standard. Or I can say that anxiety which I use to carry on my head to release writing was the only way out in all manners. 1st thing I wrote for all India Radio and kept on writing on sports, women problems in sports. There after I got selected for Indian women's football team as vice captain. I played for my country in 1997 in Bangladesh and Nepal. Getting Indian color was the highest destination in the woman's football. While doing all this I was not at all satisfied. I always use to think that something is there deep inside which is not letting me sleep every night. What was that didn't know exactly.

As writer

I did my system engineering from Delhi. I started collecting my writing material and some new experiences in a book form. Somehow I managed to make a complete novel but had no money to get it published. Since my childhood I knew that I want to do something different. Not even a single person was educated in the entire family. Initially got scolding from my mother and elder brother according to them I was wasting my time in writing stupid thoughts. Then one publication was working on no profit no lose bases and my novel "PIADAAN" pen name SONA CHOUDHARY got published in may 2002 by Saahitya Upkram Publication. I wrote another novel that is on process.

Her Family

Got married with Naseeb Bamal in 2002. He is a fighter pilot in Indian Air Force flying Jaguar aircraft. We have two sons Sujal and Vyom.


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