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Bhuiya (भुइया)[1] [2] Bhuiyan (भुइयां)[3] Bhumva (भूमवा)/ Bhumiva (भूमिवा)[4] is gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh [5].


They are branch of Usinaras. In 15th century they ruled in Bikaner region as Bhumia republic. [6]

Rajatarangini[7] tells that during the reign of Abhimanyu II in Kashmir There lived a charioteer named Kupya who had two sons named Sindhu and Bhuyya, of whom the elder Sindhu was a flatterer. He had been treasurer of Parvvagupta, and afterwards became the treasurer and favorite of the queen.

The queen of Kashmir Didda was excessively grieved at the death of her son Abhimanyu whose infant son Nandigupta became king. For a short time, the queen, remained sunk in grief and did not exercise much cruelty. And from that time she became religious. The superintendent of the city, named Bhuyya, brother of Sindhu, and a good man, was her adviser in her pious deeds.[8]

This queen Didda while living with Tungga murdered Bhuyya.[9]


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