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For Gotra see Burdak
Location of Budak inHisar district

Budak or Burak (बुड़क) is a village in Hisar tahsil and district in Haryana. Budak is a variant of Burdak in Alwar district.


It is situated in south-west of Hisar district near the border of Rajasthan.

Jat Gotras in the village

Budak surname in other countries

Mile Budak

Mile Budak (1889 - 1945) was a Croatian politician and writer, best known as one of the chief ideologists of the Croatian nationalist Ustaše movement, which ruled the Independent State of Croatia, or NDH, from 1941-45 and waged a genocidal campaign against its Serb, Roma and Jewish minorities. He created the Croatian national plan to get rid of Orthodox Serbs by killing one third, expelling one third and assimilating the rest. [1]

Mehmet Budak

Mehmet Budak (born August 1, 1980 in Doğanşehir, Turkey) is a Turkish football player. He currently plays winger for Malatyaspor in the Türk Telekom League A.[2]


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