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Chachad (चाचड़)[1][2] Chachar (चाचड़)[3] is gotra of Jats [4] in Pakistan.


Villages founded by the clan

Chachran or Chachran Sharif - a city in Tehsil Khanpur of the Rahim Yar Khan District, in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


H.A. Rose[5] writes that Chachar (चाचड़), an agricultural clan, found in Shahpur and Multan, classed as Jats in the latter District. In Bahawalpur the Chachars claim Mughal origin and they produce tables tracing their descent from Timur whom they connect with Abbās, cousin of Husain, son of Ali. But tradition says that the Surar, Subhago, Silro and Chāchaṛ tribes were once slaves of Raja Bungā Rai, Raja of Amrkot, and that Jam Jhakhar redeemed them, and there is a saying :

Surāṛ, Subhāgo, Sīlṛo, cliauthi Chāchaṛiā,
Anda hā Jām Jhakhaṛe hā bāhnān Bunga Ra.

Meaning-"Surar, Subhago (or Subhaga), Silro (or Silra), (these three) and a fourth tribe, the Chachar were the slaves of Bunga Rai ; it was Jam Jhakhar who brought them," (effecting their emancipation from Bunga Rai).

The Chachars have several septs : — Raj-de, the highest in status ; Rahmani, whose ancestors were khalifas of Ghaus Baha-ud-Din Zakariya : hence they are also called Shaikh-Rahmani, and some sanctity still attaches to the sept ; Narang, Jugana, Jhunjha, Chhutta, Gureja, Rukana, Kalra, Mudda, Duwani, Dohija, Gabrani, Muria, Kharyani and Zakriani or followers of Ghaus Baha-ud-Din Zakariya.

The whole tribe, however, are followers of that saint and never become disciples of any but his descendants. Chachar is also an Arain clan in the Punjab. Cf. Chachhar.

Rajatarangini[6] mentions one Chacharimalla who was with King Harsha of Kashmir and fell in fight with Sussala.

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the Chachar were the principal Muslim Jat clan:

Distribution in erstwhile Bahawalpur State

Distribution in Gujranwala district

Chachar Gujranwala is a village in Gujranwala, Pakistan. "Maharani Zinda", the youngest wife of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and the mother of the last Maharaja Duleep Singh, wasw born in this village.


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