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Chakravarman was King of Kashmir 935–936 and 936–937. Deposed 936, but restored shortly afterwards and died in 937 AD.

Rajatarangini[1] tells about his rule in Kashmir: Chakravarmma in (922-933), Chakravarmma (2nd time) 935 Shambhubardhana/ Chakravarmma (3rd time) 935


Rajataringini[2] writes that in the Kashmira year 97, in the month of Pousha, the Tantris set aside Partha and set up his father " the idle," their protege to the throne. But in the month of Magha next year he died after having coronated his infant son Chakravarmma. In the year 9 (of the next century) the ministers set aside Chakravarmma, and raised to the throne Shuravarmma son of "the idle," by queen Mrigavati. Chakravarmma, spoiled of his glory, entered one night into the house of a headman of the Dāmara tribe, named Sangrāma, living at Shralhakka. He knew his guest to be the king, and made his homage to him, and gave him his own seat. The king, now humbled, and driven from his kingdom, asked him for aid. On the morning Chakravarmma followed by innumerable Damaras, marched towards the capital. The Tantri infantry placed Shangkarabardhaua at their head, and went out on the 8th bright lunar day of Chaitra to meet the enemy. Chakravarmma made rapid marches unostentatiously and in disguise. A slurp fight ensued outside the town of Padmapura in which Shangkarabardhana was killed by Chakravarmma who rode a horse. On his death, the Tantri army fled in every direction. But Chakravarmma overtook them in their flight and beheaded them with his sword. In this battle the Tantris lost five or six thousand men, who were killed by Chakravarmma and remained under the shadow of vultures' wings.Thus with the help of the Jat clan Damara Chakravarmma could win his kingdom back.

Rajataringini[3] tells that Now Chakravarma having got the kingdom and destroyed all his enemies, became vain and cruel. He loved flattery and those who flattered him.


Rajataringini[4] tells that The king erected Chakramatha for the Saivas, but he died when it was half finished, and his queen completed it after his death which happened in the following manner. The ungrateful king who loved the low caste women (Hangsi and Nagalatā), forgot past benefits and privately killed many innocent

[p.135]: and faithful Damaras. Some of the Damara thieves therefore were seeking an opportunity and pretense to assassinate him. One night they found the king unarmed in the privy near the room of his principal queen. Having got this opportunity they quickly hurled on him numerous sharp weapons from all sides. He was dosing but, was quite awakened by the fall of the weapons, like a man sleeping by a lake and suddenly thrown into it, and he began to bawl aloud. He searched for his weapon but in the meantime he was severely cut. He fled to his bed-room, followed by his pursuers. The queen embraced him weeping, but his enemies killed him in her embrace. Instigated by the other queens, the murderers smashed the knees of the dying king with a stone.

On the 8th day of the bright moon in the month of Jaishta of the year 13 (=937 AD)[5], the king was killed like a dog by villains.

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