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Location of Chala is in east of Khandela & west of Neem Ka Thana in Sikar District

Chala (चला) is a large village in Neem Ka Thana tehsil of Sikar district in Rajasthan.

Jat Gotras in Chala

Chala village has 4500 Jat population out of total population 7500. Village has been adopted by Swami Sumedhanand Saraswati MP- Sikar to be developed as Model Village. [1]

Census data

As per Census-2011 statistics, Chala village has the total population of 5984 (of which 3091 are males while 2893 are females).[2]


Chala in Parthian Stations

Parthian Stations by Isidore of Charax[3], is an account of the overland trade route between the Levant and India, in the 1st century BCE, The Greek text with a translation and commentary by Wilfred H. Schoff. Transcribed from the Original London Edition, 1914.

The Parthian Stations of Isidore of Charax, fragmentary as it is, is one of the very few records of the overland trade-route in the period of struggle between Parthia and Rome.

2. From that place begins Apolloniatis, which extends 33 schoeni. It has villages, in which there are stations; and a Greek city, Artemita(Chalasar); through the midst of which flows the river Silla (the modern Diala). To that place from Seleucia is 15 schoeni. But now the city is called Chalasar.

3. From that place, Chalonitis, 21 schoeni; in which there are 5 villages, in which there are stations, and a Greek city, Chala (the modern Halvan), 15 schoeni beyond Apolloniatis. Then, after 5 schoeni, a mountain which is called Zagrus (now Jebel Tak), which forms the boundary between the district of Chalonitis and that of the Medes.

खंडेलावाटी में स्कूल प्रारम्भ

ठाकुर देशराज[4] ने लिखा है ....मोहनसिंह वर्मा फोगावट का दिल व दिमाग हमेशा अपने प्रांत की अशिक्षा को दूर करने में ही लगा रहता था। सब ओर निराश हो ये बिरला एजुकेशन ट्रस्ट के जनरल इंस्पेक्टर श्री निहाल सिंह जी तक्षक ने इन्हें आश्वासन दिया और हमारे यहां 5 स्कूल चालू करने का वायदा किया। इन्हें इससे बड़ा भरी संतोष हुआ। चटपट इन्होंने आकर ठिकाने वालों के विरोध करने पर भी अपनी ढाणी फोगावट की में इन्होंने स्कूल चालू कर दिया। एक साल के अंदर ही उन्होंने गढ़वालों की ढाणी, जयरामपुरा, सुजाना, चला आदि आदि में स्कूल चालू करवाने की व्यवस्था कर दी।

Notable persons

  • Dr. Vijay Singh Mitharwal - Regional Manager State Farms Corp.of India, Date of Birth : 1-July-1973, VPO- Chala, Teh.- Neem Ka Thana, Distt.- Sikar, Rajasthan, Phone: 01574-281671, Mob: 9950430458

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