Chandaus War

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Chandaus war was fought in 1746 at Chandaus town in Aligarh district between Aurangzeb and Nawab Fateh Ali Khan of Aligarh. Maharaja Suraj Mal helped Nawab Fateh Ali Khan. Chandaus is a village in Gabhana tahsil in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Chandaus War 1746

The Chandaus War was in important event in the career of Maharaja Suraj Mal. Chandaus town is in Aligarh district. In 1745, the Delhi Mughal Badsah Aurangzeb became angry with Nawab Fateh Ali Khan of koīl (Aligarh), so to punish him Badsah sent an Afghan Chieftain Asad Khan. Fateh Ali Khan expected loss and insult in war with Asad Khan, so he sought help of Maharaja Suraj Mal. In the month of November 1745, hardly a month had passed for Suraj Mal and it was his first opportunity to take independent decisions in matters of external political and army affairs. Suraj Mal assured Fateh Ali Khan to help and sent an army under command of his son and later he himself moved to koīl (Aligarh). When Asad Khan attacked koīl (Aligarh) in early 1746, war took place at Chandaus in which Asad Khan was killed and the royal army was defeated. Thus with the active help and strength of Suraj Mal, Fateh Khan could save his jagir. This war helped in increasing the power of Bharatpur state. [1] [2]


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