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Chandla (चंदला) or Chandala (970 AD) was a Jat chieftain, who founded Chandlai in Tonk district in Rajasthan. He got constructed a pucca pond near the village in the name of her daughter ‘Bhala’ and put a pillar inscription on it on baisakh sudi 15 samvat 1027 (970 AD). This was the time when Rajasthan was ruled by a large number of small republics.

Chandla was ruler of Tonk at that time. Thakur Deshraj writes that extent of the rule of Chandla must be in a radius of 20 miles from Chandlai village. It is not clear what was his Gotra and how long he ruled here. Kashi nagari pracharini patrika, Rajasthan Sandesh and Chaudhari Richh Pal Singh in Jat Veer have published articles about this Jat State. [1][2], [3]

Chandala in Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[4] writes about one queen Chandala - On one occasion King Harsha of Kashmir saw a picture of Chandala, the beautiful wife of Parmandi, king of Karnata, and became enamoured of her. Vile courtiers excite the foolish as men excite dogs. Thus excited, Haraha shamelessly vowed before the court to destroy Parmandi and to have Chandala. He vowed not to use prepared camphor till he obtained her. The bards and minstrels laughed at him, concealing their ridicule in songs : " You are bow on your way to the south : there is camphor in your hand, as we know by its smell, and the camphor is

[p.254]:prepared ; it is fit for king Harsha to present it to his love." "Until the king of Karnata is killed, and Chandala is won ; until Kalyanapura is entered, and Pimmala is visited, and the royal garden is left behind, the powerful king will not use camphor."

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