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Chang (चंग)[1] [2][3] Chahang (चाहंग) Chahng (चाहंग) is a gotra of Jats found in Sindh province of Pakistan, Himachal Pradesh and in Uttar Pradesh. [4]. Chang clan is found in Afghanistan.[5]


  • Chahang is derived from Chahar, found in Braj area of UP.


Bahti (बाहती) term is used in the eastern, as Chang is used in the western, portion of the lower ranges of the Kangra Hills and Hoshiarpur as equivalent to Ghirth. All of them intermarry.[6]

Chahng (चाहंग), Chang (चांग), a minor agricultural Jat caste, found in the western portion of the lower ranges of Kangra and Hoshiarpur. In the Dasuya tahsil of the latter district they own some villages, but are generally tenants. The term appears to be a purely local synonym of Bahti or Ghirth. The Chang is quiet and inoffensive, diligent and a good cultivator, like the Saini of the plains. [7]

H.A. Rose[8] writes....Ghirth (घिर्थ). — The Ghirths fill much the same position in Kangra proper and the hills below it as do the Kanets in the parts to tho east. They correspond also to the Bahti in the eastern and the Chang in the western portion of the lower ranges. All three intermarry freely, and were considered by Sir James Lyall as identical. The Ghirths of Kangra and Hoshiarpur were thus described by Barnes : —

" My previous remarks (sec Rathi) will have introduced the reader to the Ghirths. They form a considerable item in the copulation of these hills, and in actual numbers exceed any other individual caste. With the Ghirths I have associated the few Jats that reside in this district, and the Changs, which is only another name for Ghirths, prevalent about Haripur and Nurpur. They amount altogether to 111,507 souls. The Ghirths are sub-divided into numerous sects. There is a common saying that there are 360 varieties of rice, and that the sub-divisions of the Ghirths are equally extensive, the analogy arising from the Ghirths being the usual cultivators of rice. The Ghirths predominate in the valleys of Palampur, Kangra, and Rihlu. They are found again in the Hal Dun, or Haripur valley.

Distribution in Pakistan

Chang are found in Districts Thatta (Sindh),

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh


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