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Chankuna (चणकुण) was Prime Minister of Kashmira King Lalitaditya.

Clan of Chankuna


Bhim Singh Dahiya writes that another Jat, named Chankuna (चणकुण), of Tokhara clan, was chief minister of Lalitaditya. Why all these Jats were holding predominant positions unless the rulers themselves were Jats of Lohar and other clans? [1]

Rajatarangini[2] tells us that Another of his ministers named Tuskhārashchangkuna raised a vihara named Changkuna, a stupa high as the mind of a king, and a golden image of Buddha. Ishānadevi, wife of the minister just named, caused a canal to be dug, whose waters were clear and beneficial to the healthy as to the sick. (Book IV,p.72)

Rajatarangini[3] writes that The prime minister Changkuna built in another place a vihara with a chaitya; and Ishanachandra the physician and brother to the wife of Changkuna, having obtained wealth through the favor of Takshaka, built a Vihara. The king Lalitaditya further caused a permanent asylum for the poor to be built at Parihasapura, to which he presented one lac and one plates filled with food. He also caused a town to be built in a barren place that thirsty men might find water, there. He invited prudent men from other countries, and brought Changkuna brother of Kangkanavarsha, an alchemist, from Bhuskhara. The king exchanged with this man a statue of Buddha which he brought from Magadha for certain jewels of mysterious properties. This statue Changkuna placed in the monastery which he built, and can be seen to this day, surrounded by iron railings. (Book IV,p.73)

Rajatarangini[4] tells that ....Didda, among the wives of kings and Sussalā, among the wives of ministers, reached the utmost perfection of virtue by setting up various religious establishments. Sussalā built the matha of Shrichankuna of stone which till then had existed only in name. Book VIII (i),p.216

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